Technical characteristics

Sequoia House is a reinforced concrete structure with outer and inner brick walls built in compliance with all quality and other indicators for construction and commissioning as per the rules on execution and acceptance of construction and installation works.

Architectural and construction works

Floor – cement screed
Walls – gypsum plaster
Ceilings – gypsum plaster
Bathroom – walls – plaster, floor – cement screed
Window-frames – facade – five-chamber PVC window-frames made by CENTURY
Front door – armored, master key locking system
Interior doors – MDF veneer
Terrace – Granitogres
Basement – floor – cement screed, walls and ceilings – painted; door – metal

Electrical installations

According to the attached approved detailed design which includes high-voltage and low-voltage installations, including:
– apartment switchboard
– outlets for sockets and switches and lighting
– video intercom
– doorbell installation
– telephone installation
– wiring for alarm, Internet and TV

Water-supply and sewage installations

Installation for hot and cold water built entirely as per an approved project with PVC pipes and polypropylene distribution piping, executed to pipe plugs, as well as water-meters with remote reading.


Ventilation as per design, natural, with vents of the bathrooms

Solar panels for hot water

The system has a joint pump and a separate room for water distribution. The system has control water-meters in each apartment and will provide solar-heated hot water during 8 of the 12 months. The panels are located on the roof of the building at a location with an easy access.


Heating as per design – central-heating gas installation and an additional installation with air conditioning.


Floor – sanded concrete surface
Walls and ceilings – plaster
Doors – metal, with remote control opening (only for the double underground garages)

Shared areas

Facade – 10 cm thermal insulation with HPL cladding panels, stone and mineral plaster.
Entrance hall – floor – stone surface – decorative plaster, staircase – as per architectural design, walls and ceilings – latex paint; railings – as per architectural design.
Elevator – luxury, made by OTIS.
Courtyard – as per design for vertical planning and as per landscaping design.
CCTV – cameras mounted at the entrance of the building, at the entrance to the underground garages and in the courtyard